Berry Lemonade is a delicious e-juice that most vapers will appreciate. Berry Lemonade e-liquid is manufactured in the United States by Juice Roll Upz. This vaping company which specializes in producing fruit and candy-flavored e-liquids is known across vaping communities for its reliability. The e-liquid flavors that are produced by this vaping company which began operations in 2015 are of premium quality. Berry Lemonade has a robust taste and aroma like other Juice Roll Upz e-liquid flavors. Berry Lemonade is part of the Juice Roll Upz Carnival edition. There are only two e-liquids in the Juice Roll Upz Carnival vape juice series, Besides Berry Lemonade, the other e-liquid flavor in the Juice Roll Upz Carnival edition is Carnival Cotton Candy e-liquid. Besides the Carnival e-juice line, Juice Roll Upz has other impressive e-liquid blends currently available on the market. Some of these e-liquids are Blue Raspberry, Apple, and Grape. All vape juice flavors produced by Juice Roll Upz contain only the finest ingredients available.

Berry Lemonade has a unique taste that sets it apart from other lemonade and berry flavored e-liquid blends. This premium e-liquid has classic taste. The combination of the fruit flavors in this e-liquid is outstanding. You can taste the richness of the different berries in Berry Lemonade with every hit you take. You can also taste the rich tones of the lemonade flavor when you vape Berry Lemonade. The lemonade flavor in this e-liquid has a pleasant taste that is very similar to having a glass of freshly made lemonade on a hot day.

The lemonade flavor in this e-liquid is quite sweet. The sweetness in the lemonade flavor is very pronounced. The sweetness will please vapers who love sweet-tasting e-liquids. However, vapers who are not so into sweet-tasting e-liquids will not enjoy Berry

Lemonade. The taste of the different berry flavors in this e-liquid is equally rich. The berry flavor in this e-liquid has that classic berry taste. The berry flavor is juicy and tangy like most ripe berries are. The tangy taste of the berry flavor blends nicely with the sour taste of the ripe lemon flavor. The combination of the sourness of the ripe berries and lemon flavors explodes on the taste buds during the inhale. On the other hand, the taste of the sugar flavor in the lemonade flavor dominates the exhale of Berry Lemonade. This e-liquid has a unique aftertaste that lasts for a long time.

Berry Lemonade e-juice contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70/30 percent. Berry Lemonade e-juice can be vaped with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). You can also vape Berry Lemonade e-juice with a sub ohm tank.

You can buy a 60ml bottle of Berry Lemonade via This vape shop sells premium e-liquids at cheap rates. A 60ml bottle of Berry Lemonade is sold for just $20.97. You can also buy other Juice Roll Upz e-liquids via Apart from Juice Roll Upz, you can buy e-liquids from Taffy Man, Tampa E-Juice, JUUL by Pax, Bake It Vapor, Juice Head E-Liquid, By The Pound, Country Clouds and By The Pound among others.


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