Flavorah offers a variety of super-concentrate e-cig flavors in the market intended for further processing. Flavorah e cig concentrates for DIY are different from other flavorings because they are made from the ground up for providing the best vapor without added sweeteners, colors, and dilution more concentrated, and do not contain harmful substances such as nicotine. E-cig concentrates are also not intended to be used with either tobacco or nicotine. A mixture of Flavorah concentrates also gives an ideal vapor experience. So, it is easier to achieve outstanding results even when you are a beginner. Unlike other concentrated flavors in the market formulated mostly for candy and baking, Flavorah’s exceptionally crafted flavor notes and high potency make them the number one choice for flavoring vapor.


Flavorah E-Cig Concentrates Guarantee Freedom To Mix


Since 2013, Flavorah has been producing and supplying the best high potency e-cig flavours to the market to allow you to get creative with flavour combinations and see what you can come with. Our collection has a wide variety of concentrated vape flavors and inspirations for customers to select from. Some of the ejuice concentrates include; beverage, cereal, candy, fruit, mint, cream, and tobacco. Flavorah encourages its clients to explore vaping by offering e cig concentrates at affordable prices. It guarantees you will enjoy the freedom to mix and experiment with our e-liquid flavors by mixing them with other flavorings of your choice to create a truly unique vape juice for those special occasions.


You Get The Best E Cig Flavour Concentrates For DIY

With Flavorah ejuice concentrates for DIY, you can be among the next generation of mixologists. Flavorah has an extensive inventory and flavor profiles that will speak to your preference and improve your recipe. Whether you are just a beginner, or you have a history of DIY, or want to improve your skills a little bit, you are guaranteed a vaping experience of a lifetime since Flavorah’s flexible selection of concentrated ejuice flavors has something for everyone.


Our collection contains ejuice flavors highly concentrated, and they must be mixed to achieve a satisfying vaping experience. Are you looking to explore  Some of our concentrates include; wild melon, persimmon, guanabana, granny smith, jackfruit, blueberry, raspberry, red apple, cherimoya, caramel, red burley, native tobacco, oriental tobacco, cured tobacco, Kentucky blend, sweet cigarette, cool methanol, ice, cream, beer nuts, sweetness, and rich cinnamon.

Flavorah fruit vape juice collection tastes just like real fruit, and range from blackberry to dragon fruit concentrates. If you are craving for the comforts of a home, you can check out an excellent variety of candy, and dessert e-liquid concentrates available on our website. This collection will have you thinking of cheesecakes.


You can Replicate favorite Taste with E cig concentrates

One of the most essential benefits using e cig flavour concentrates is that you can replicate favorite taste. From candy to authentic aromas of real Cuban tobacco, you can satisfy your thirst in so many ways. Quit smoking entirely by exploring our selection of spices, menthol, and tobacco e-juice flavoring that mimic the actual taste of fresh tobacco.  We also offer beverage e-juice flavor concentrates that you will want to try out. All you have to is visit flavorah.com and signup for a wholesale account for free. When you shop Flavorah.com, you will also receive the best customer service experience like no other. All of our DIY concentrates are made with a strict observation on quality, satisfaction, and safety. Any questions on ejuice flavor concentrate wholesale? Or would like information on a given flavor for your next DIY, visit our website for further assistance on products and services.