How to make eliquid

The vaping society is as much about uniqueness and personalization, as it is about great flavor and preferences. This is why more and more vapers are crashing onto the DIY area and making e-liquid.

Producing e-juice at home gives a variety of privileges to new and experienced vapers alike. For example, DIY juice is not just cost-efficient than purchasing it, but it loosens up a nearly endless number of flavor blends you won’t certainly find in shops. Best of all, you’ll get to feel self-confidence in creating amazing juices that no one else has tasted before.

With more and more people going into DIY e-liquid production, here is a step by step guide on making e-liquid or you can learn it from Flavorah.

What You Will Need

Equipment to make Vape Juice

First of all, you will require the following ingredients and some equipment to start making e-liquid.

· A Measuring Jug

· Syringes

· Gloves 

· Empty bottles

· Propylene Glycol

· Vegetable Glycerin

· Add Nicotine Base or Nicotine Salt

· Flavouring

· E-Liquid Calculator to calculate recipe

Most e-liquid merchants keep most of the things you will want to get you started.

First Step: Pick A Recipe

Choose a recipe that you feel confident in brewing. It is suggested that the total of all your flavors should not pass 20% of your bottles’ volume. The advised dilution for E-Flavors is about 10%, so if we are going for 50mLs, you’ll need 5mL. Using a separate syringe, you will measure and transfer the flavor concentrate to the container. Excessively flavoring can either numb the flavor or give a perfume-like feeling. Be calm, it may take a few strokes to find the tasty spot while making e-liquid.

Second Step: Make The Recipe

Now we know how much of each element we need to put so let’s put on some rubber gloves and whip it up!

First of all, load up your syringe and transfer the VG and PG into an empty container. Once VG and PG are in, you need to load the flavoring and the nicotine in last. Once you hold them in the bottle, put the cap on and give it a long shake. You’ll need to shake the bottle for a long time to make sure that the nicotine and flavor are equally scattered and well blended. You may need to give it a good shake before every vape as the ingredients may depart over time. If you get tired while shaking the e-liquid, there are several kinds of stirring devices you can use. Or you can get productive with what you have.

Last Step: Steeping

How to Steep the Vape Juice

Fresh e-juice must be steeped to obtain the needed flavor. Steeping just means allowing the juice to sit for a while so the components can completely mix throughout the container. Follow a natural steeping method, which is called “breathing”. Just remove the lid and let the juice breathe. This also enables the alcohol used in many flavorings to fade away. 


E-juice doesn’t do good in daylight or humid conditions. Make sure your juice is stored in a dark, cool place away from any kids or pets.

Well, now you know how to make the E-Liquid. The only other things you have to do is- keep imagining, experimenting, mixing and experiencing.

If you are looking to buy e-juice flavor concentrates in bulk, you’ll be glad to know that Flavorah sells e-juice flavor concentrate wholesale as well as retail. The company also has some great e-juice recipes.