The garden strawberry (or simply strawberry; Fragaria × ananassa)[1] is a widely grown hybrid species of the genus Fragaria, collectively known as the strawberries. It is cultivated worldwide for its fruit. The fruit is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness.

Paw-berry Lemonade is a blend of berries and lemonade flavor that will spark up your taste buds. Paw-berry Lemonade has a smooth, natural flavor. This e-juice tastes like a strawberry lemonade drink. Paw-berry Lemonade is ideal for the summer season. This e-juice has a bold flavor, but it does not get overpowering. Paw-berry Lemonade is the kind of blend that you can vape all day long without getting bored of how it tastes.

Paw-berry Lemonade by Atomic Dog Vapor is produced with high-quality ingredients This vape juice contains 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG. It has a dense texture but you can vape it with a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Paw-berry Lemonade is easy on coils. This lemon e-liquid will give you thick clouds of vapor.

Paw-berry Lemonade by Atomic Dog Vapor is also produced with high-quality nicotine. This e-liquid comes with varying nicotine concentration levels. You can opt for either 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 24mg of nicotine.

Paw-berry Lemonade by Atomic Dog Vapor has a simple packaging design. This e-liquid comes in a 30ml and 124ml bottle. You can get the 30ml bottle of this e-juice for $8.99 at the Atomic Dog Vapor online store.

Paw-berry Lemonade is a product of Atomic Dog Vapor. This US company is known for producing high-quality e-juice blends. Atomic Dog Vapor also has more than 40 e-juice blends in its collection

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