Find A Recipe: You must find your own favorite recipe. Without this, you cannot purchase the important ingredients and how to make your own vape juice. Making your own vape juice will not be easy right away at first trial. You need to make and do many trials and experiments. It is best you start with something simple like a one-shot concentrate.

You can find many sources online about e-liquid recipes. The famous ones people tend to visit include Reddit and eLR. These platforms are great in scavenging DIY e-liquid recipes.

Always follow the recommended ratios stated in the recipe. Never make your own unless you are already confident. You can try experimenting once you created an awesome idea when combining flavors.

Do not forget to take detailed notes upon experimentation. This is essential when you need to revise your recipes, concentrates, ratios, etc. as needed in the future. You will never know.

Get the Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG) Base
Create your base for your DIY e-liquid. This includes VG and PG.

Let’s go first to VG. This substance is thicker than PG. It produces thicker, more visible vapor plumes or vape clouds. High VG e-liquids are ideal for cloud chasers. Then, VG also adds a little sweetness to the entire flavor. Too much adding VG can ruin the mixture and taste. So be careful.

PG, on the other hand, cannot affect the flavor if added too much. But this substance can produce an increased hit to the throat. Follow the recipe to know what are the ratios to use.

Flavoring: The recipe can affect the flavorings you will need. It is similar to nicotine. Using flavoring can overpower your entire mixture. So step forward with added caution. It is best you start with a recipe that is simple. The recipe has a few flavors in it — as much as possible, only one flavor. If you get the hang of it, you can proceed in experimenting more flavors. You can get top-quality e-juice flavoring from

Diluted Nicotine: Adding diluted nicotine depends on you. You can look up online nicotine-free recipes. If you plan to add it, always use high-quality, food-grade nicotine. This substance is addictive and can harm your health. Again, adding too much of this ingredient can spoil your e-liquid. Be cautious in adding it.

Additives: Add the additives to further enhance the taste of your DIY vape juice. There is a variety to choose from — sweets, mentholated liquids, vodka, or distilled water. Never use tap water. This usually contains chemicals. Once you inhale them, it can be dangerous to your health. Always remember that doing too much is bad.

Mixing: Prepare all the required ingredients. The rest of the recipe becomes simple. Mix those ingredients in the bottles. Use either a glass bottle or plastic. Just make sure that they are stored well. Then, shake them well.
The mixing process becomes a bit difficult if some recipes have ingredients to be measured by volume or strengths. Seek help using an online calculator. Use clean syringes and containers to prevent contaminating one mixture with another.

Steeping: Mixes that are based on cream or multi-layered dessert usually takes more than 4 weeks to reach its finest taste. Meanwhile, the simpler fruity blends may not need to steep at all.

Those vapers who are new find the steeping process an amazing experience. You can tell from the results. People who make their own vape juices prefer having more than one flavor. That’s why these DIY e-liquids take a certain amount of time to fully blend and settle the flavors. Each mix affects the steeping duration.

Most recipes have a recommended steeping time like a week or so. Also, you can use many various ways to speed up the steeping process. You can shorten the duration. But this is very controversial in the industry. Some do not recommend it. It may likely cause future problems or changes in the flavor or the entire e-liquid.