The Airis Quaser is a superb product that is manufactured by Airistech. This is produced with high-quality materials that make it one of the best vaporizers for concentrates. Airis Quaser is produced with Qcell technology, which is known for maximizing the atomizers surface area. This works by the use of a fritted quartz coil that makes for even heating. A fritted quartz can be described as a wafer-thin filter that is made of minuscule grains of fused quartz glass that allows gas and liquids to diffuse through it easily.

Airis Quaser is a classic vaporizer kit for concentrates that is super easy to use. You can put on by simply clicking 5-times in quick successions (the clicks should last at least 2 seconds). Putting Airis Quaser off also works in a similar fashion; all you need to do is to click 5-times rapidly for a duration for at least 2 seconds. And you can easily loaded up your concentrates into the Qcell Atomizer with a dab-mouth piece. You can preheat Airis Quaser by pressing a button 2 times. And you can press the button one time before changing the voltage. And you can change the voltage by clicking 3 times; an indicator light color will change. And the voltage colors range from green (3. 4 V), and blue (3.7), while the red is (4.2V). Airis Quaser by Airistech can also be charged easily using a micro USB charger. When recharging, a red light will stay on, and this light goes off when the battery is fully charged.

Airis Quaser by Airistech has a lot of interesting specs. The first to mention is that it is styled as a portable pen-shaped device with a size of 128.5 x 11 x 11mm. Airis Quaser also offers a combination of dab tools and a mouthpiece that is convenient to use. The Qcell (Fritted Quartz) Coil is great for even heating that helps in the production of more vapor. Airis Quaser also comes with a durable battery; 280mAh battery with a variable voltage. This vaporizer kit for concentrates has a window that will come in handy when it comes to checking your wax/concentrate levels.

Airis Quaser vaporizer by Airistech comes with a complete device. This also comes with a cleaning brush. This vaporizer is portable, easily adjustable, and fun to use. Airis Quaser also comes with a dabber-speak.

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