Mechanical Mod Kits

When you have clean mods, the performance is safe. You maintain the cleanliness of all vent holes, threads, switch, and contacts. Turn on the locking mechanism of the mod kit if you are not using it. Use a switch with a magnet rather than the one with a spring. The switch with a spring easily wears out and fail. If ever you notice the spring begins to loose, replace it right away.

Do not use a mod kit without vent holes for sub ohm vaping. The vents should not be too big or too many. Choose the mods with low voltage drop. Voltage drop is the voltage that is not present when the power from the battery travels to the coils through the device. To prevent voltage drop, use the kit with magnetic switch, fixed position contacts, and single-piece tube.

One of the safety concerns when sub ohm vaping is owning or buying a power-regulated vaping device. If you have a mechanical mod, it doesn’t have safety features and no regulated power. Vapers who own regulated mods encounter battery failures when they charge the device or the battery is not properly placed. It’s okay if you tend to forget some safety precautions. 

But if it is a mechanical mod with the same issue, the vaper is using the device, which is in front of his face. You must do all the following precautions every time you use it. 

(a) Test for Short Circuit. Check the coil resistance of your atomizer. 

(b) Use Ohm’s law. Check the vape ohm chart to determine the unsafe current between the battery’s voltage and coil resistance. 

(c) Replace Battery. If you notice the produced vapor decreases, you must change the battery right away. 

(d) Rewrap Battery. If you observe that your batteries have a damaged wrapper, go to the vape shop and let the expert rewrap them. If it doesn’t work, replace them.

Many vapers all over the world use mechanical mods every day without any incident. So if you are interested to use this device, you must put in mind that it is ideal for advanced vapers. This means you must monitor it yourself because of lacking safety features. But if you have no patience to ensure you always follow proper battery safety, this device is not for you.  


Do not go beyond the amperage limit of your batteries. If you stay within the accepted limit, your batteries will not fail and cause an explosion. Do not expose them from extreme cold or heat. Keep them tightly wrapped. If ever you notice that the wrapper is destroyed, replace the battery. If possible, let the vape store re-wrap it.

If your device has removable batteries, you get tempted to swap the new vaping batteries immediately when the old ones die when you are using them and in the middle of sub ohm vaping. You want to bring along a pair of spare batteries in your pocket. This is nice but you are at risk for a dangerous explosion.

Remember that batteries create a spark when they come in contact with other metal things like keys or coins. To prevent this to happen, you buy a silicone or plastic holder or container for the batteries. 


You must understand sub ohm vaping and put plenty of care to do it safely. It may sound overwhelming, but you should put VV/VW mod kits into consideration. You will be safe to use it. The power of the battery is regulated. You should follow trends without direction. You research more before joining the bandwagon. If you’re interested in sub ohm vaping, visit