Sub-ohm vaping is usually reserved for seasoned vapers because sub-ohm devices are powerful and you need to understand different things about vaping to work with them. Despite this fact, sub-ohm vaping has become quite popular among vapers across the world. For many, it is a quest to find out what the hype is all about while for others, it is about taking their vaping experiences to the next level. WOTOFO┬áhas two of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market – the nexMESH and the Gear RTA.

If you do decide to try sub-ohm vaping, there are three ways you can go. You can an RDA, RTA, or a sub-ohm tank.


Technology is continually making dreams a reality and making things easier for all of us. Just a few years ago, sub-ohm vaping would impossible or very difficult to accomplish. Now, anybody with the rich know-how can develop their own RDA or (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer). With an RDA, you can build your coil and then wrap your cotton. With this approach, a tank is no longer necessary. All vapers need to have a great time is to drip their vape juice onto the wick directly. One of the main perks of the RDA is the fact that you can refill after every other hit. This also provides vapers with the opportunity to switch between different e-liquid flavors. RDA’s are one of the oldest sub-ohm vaping methods around.


An RTA which is short for ‘Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.’ The RTA is quite similar to the RDA. However, the former is more complicated. The RTA and RDA both use coils that vapers can customize. However, the RTA comes with more parts. With the RTA, vapers need to build coils within their tanks. Another significant difference between an RTA and an RDA is dripping. With the RTA, you do not have to drip. Your vape juice is usually stored in a tank with an RTA. However, with the RTA, you cannot change your e-juice as frequently as you would with an RDA.

Sub-ohm tanks

For many vapers, the complexity of sub-ohm vaping is a turn-off. However, technology has caught up with us. Now with the advent of the sub-ohm tank, we can all try sub-ohm vaping. With sub-ohm tanks, you do not need to build your coils or wrap your wick with cotton. You can buy a coil and fit it into a tank, then fill the tank with your favorite e-liquid. With this tank, you are ready to start your sub-ohm vaping experience.

Many would argue that the RDA and RTA are better for sub-ohm vaping than sub-ohm tanks. However, this point might be unquestioned some years ago. But thanks to the advancement of technology, sub-ohm tanks are good and make for pleasant vaping experiences. And the fact that sub-ohm vaping makes it attractive to a broader audience.