More and more smokers are switching to vaping for a variety of reasons. Whether you are an ex-smoker or a complete novice, you will quickly come to find the joy of vaping.

Before your first time vaping, there are some basic things worth knowing. This will allow you to get the best out of the vaping experience.

Your Vaping Device

It is easy to assume that you can just go online or to a store and buy the best device available then start vaping. However, this may not be the best practice. It is important to start by reading blogs and consulting experts about vaping. Finding a good device is essential to your vaping session. As a novice, you need a device that is easy to use and not the most advanced vape kit on the market. Once you find a vaping device that you like, you need to read the instruction manual so that you know how to operate it and avoid an accident. This is why you need a device that is easy to use and does not have many complicated features.

Choosing an E-Juice 

The e-juice you choose depends on your personal preference

If you’re not an ex-smoker and you are trying to pick up vaping, it is best to start with flavors that you like. If you’re a big fan of ice cream, buy ice cream e-liquids. You’ll find a wide range of e-juice flavors at shops like Joining a vaping community or a forum allows you to learn about the most popular e-liquids on the market.

Many smokers think that vaping is similar to smoking; it’s not. Even if you’ve been a long time smoker and you are switching to vaping, you must know that it takes some getting used to. You’ll find that starting with tobacco e-liquids can help you through the transition.

Some ex-smokers make the mistake of starting with exotic e-liquid flavors, and they find that vaping is too different from smoking. There are lots of tobacco e-liquids on the market today. Some come with fruity, creamy and even beverage blends. As you get used to vaping, you can start to widen your flavor choices. You do not have to quit smoking immediately you start vaping. You can continue smoking for some time until vaping feels natural to you.

Apart from choosing the right e-juice flavor, you need to select a suitable nicotine concentration level. Ex-smokers may start with e-juice blends that will give them the same kind of throat hit as tobacco sticks. If you are trying to get off nicotine, you can gradually reduce the nicotine level of the e-liquids that you buy. If you do not have any experience with nicotine (i.e., you are not an ex-smoker, you can start with e-liquids that contain 0mg to 3mg of nicotine and gradually increase the level if you want a stronger throat hit and nic buzz.

Enjoying Your Vaping Experience

If you follow the instructions above, your first time vape would be just as enjoyable as the rest. You will quickly find out that there is a lot more to vaping. The wide variety of e-juice flavors is bound to arouse your interest.

One thing is certain, to enjoy vaping, take it step-by-step.