It can be a bit challenging to find an e-juice that is perfect for you because there are so many great e-liquids on the market today.

One of the popular brands right now is Nasty Juice. There are many different e-juice flavors under this brand. Gold is one of my favorite e-liquids from Nasty Juice. This e-liquid is in the Nasty Juice Tobacco line. Gold has the taste of dried tobacco leaves with a hint of almond. This is a well-balanced tobacco e-liquid. It will remind you of smoking a Cuban cigar.

You can smell the natural tobacco flavor when you open a bottle of Gold by Nasty Juice Tobacco. When vaping this e-liquid, you can taste the authentic tobacco flavor with a hint of almond.

This flavor is bold, but it is not too intense. This taste of this e-juice will excite your taste buds especially if you are an ex-smoker. The tobacco flavor is distinct. The almond adds a hint of nutty flavor to the blend. This is one of the best tobacco e-liquids on the market today.

If you are a fan of tobacco vapes like me, then you need to try Gold by Nasty Juice Tobacco is the perfect vape juice for you. The sweetness of this e-liquid is just right. You will want to chain vape on it.

I have tried a lot of tobacco e-juices, but there’s nothing quite like Nasty Juice Tobacco’s Gold. The flavor is impressive and is worth trying.

When you want to relax and enjoy the good old flavor of tobacco, you can count on Gold. Everything about this vape juice is just awesome.

Gold by Nasty Juice Tobacco is available with different nicotine strength levels. You can get this e-liquid with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This means you have control over the kind of nicotine buzz and throat hit that you will get from vaping this e-liquid. There is a smooth sensation in the throat. The throat hit is very pleasant even at high temps.

You will not have any issues vaping this e-juice with a tank or dripper. This vape juice is not too thick. The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of Gold e-juice by Nasty Juice Tobacco is 70/30.

This Nasty Juice Tobacco e-juice produces thick clouds of vapor. You will be impressed by the cloud production of this e-liquid. The clouds that you get do not disappear right away. You also can smell the tobacco flavor in the air when vaping this e-liquid.

Gold e-juice has an attractive packaging design. The e-liquid comes in a golden box with the company logo and some other information about the product. Inside the box, you will find a gorilla unicorn bottle. There is a label on the bottle with the same design as the box. There are no issues spilling since the bottle cap is tightly locked in place.

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Grab a bottle of this classic e-juice and enjoy a vaping experience like no other. Gold by Nasty Juice Tobacco will give you all the satisfaction that you expect from a tobacco vape liquid.