Humble Juice Co. and Solace Salt teamed up to create one of the best apple-flavored e-juice blends on the market containing nicotine salt. This e-liquid is known as Apple Jay Jay Salt.

Humble Juice is a well-known company. It has many popular e-juice flavors on the market. The company offers high-quality vape juices at affordable prices. Solace specializes in the creation of e-juice flavors using nicotine salt. The two companies teamed up to create the SVLT product line consisting of twelve different e-juice flavors. Some SVLT e-liquids are Blue Blood and Blue Blood NicSalt, 99 Pink Balloons Salt and 99 Pink Balloons High NicSalt, Lemon Cake Salt and Lemon Cake High NicSalt, Watermelon Patch Salt, Watermelon Patch High NicSalt, Apple Jay Jay High NicSalt, Strawberry Sour Belt Salt and Strawberry Sour Belt High NicSalt.

Each is unique and has certain particularities. Apple Jay Jay Salt e-liquid stands out thanks to its unique flavor.

Flavor Description

The taste is simply sublime. It is sweet and a bit tangy. You get the taste fresh apples from this e-juice. It has a nice consistent flavor of green, red, and golden apple that fills your palates. The sweetness is not too overpowering. Apple is one of the most used flavors for making e-liquids. You will also find that SVLT’s Apple Jay Jay has its uniqueness. You get the real taste of apples. The tanginess and the sweetness. It is truly a mixture of different apple flavors. This is a must-try.

VG/PG Ratio

Apple Jay Jay Salt is available with a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 65/35. It is slightly thick thanks to the high VG content.  According to SVLT, the e-juice was pre-steeped for two weeks.  I personally prefer to let my e-juice steeped a bit longer. So, I left it for about a month before vaping. This doesn’t mean that you should also steep the e-juice for a month. That is a matter of personal preference. The taste of Apple Jay Jay Salt is excellent.

Apple Jay Jay Salt has excellent vapor production. The company did not sacrifice cloud production for flavor. The clouds are thick and spread nicely when you blow.

Nicotine Strength

If you like strong throat hits, I recommend that you purchase the highest nicotine level and additional nicotine salt shots.  SVLT Juice Co offers Apple Jay Jay Salt with nicotine levels of 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg. This e-liquid is made with nicotine salt. For those who don’t know, nicotine salts is known to give very smooth throat hits. E-liquids with nicotine salt can be very satisfying.

For example, with traditional nicotine, the recommendation is no more than 6 mg on a sub-ohm device because the high output of sub-ohm devices can make the sensation on the throat quite uncomfortable. However, with a 20 mg nicotine salt e-juice, that is not an issue. This means that you will use less e-liquid because you just need to take a few puffs and you will feel satisfied.


SVLT comes in a unicorn bottle. The bottle has a childproof safety cap.  The packaging design is quite simple. There is a label on the bottle with the brand name written boldly on it. There are no pictures or fancy designs, but you will find all the information you expect to find on an e-juice label.

This e-liquid is quite economical because you buy a 120-ml bottle which can last for some time. You only need a few puffs of this e-liquid to get your desired nicotine buzz, so the e-juice tends to last longer.


SVLT e-liquids are sold at very fantastic prices. A 120ml bottle of Apple Jay Jay Salt is available for only $24.99. This is a very good price for a high-quality e-liquid. Humble Juice pride itself in being able to keep its costs low which is mostly due to an extensive in-house distribution and shipping system. You can even get wholesale prices by filling a form on the company’s site. As a reseller, wholesale prices will greatly impact your bottom line by increasing your profit.


Apple Jay Jay Salt e-juice gives you the thrill and rush of the delicious flavors of apples. The addition of nicotine salt to the mix means it is smooth on the throat. This can easily become an all-day vape if you like fruity e-liquids. I highly recommend this e-juice. I’d give it an eight on a scale from one to ten.