Mad Hatter Juice is known for the creation of the ‘I Love’ brand. The company is based in Los Angeles, California and manufactures dessert-flavored e-liquids. It’s most recent creation include I Love Taffy, I Love Popcorn, I Love Cookies, and I Love Donuts. If you’re a vaper who likes dessert-flavored e-liquids, you will find Mad Hatter Juice e-liquids a delight.

Among Mad Hatter juice creations, I Love Cookies has captivated the vaping community as one of the best dessert-flavored e-liquids on the market. I Love Cookies is a fantastic treat of freshly-baked cookies. The pleasant aroma of cookies fresh from the oven is enough to arouse your appetite. Mad Hatter Juice offers the real taste of cookies and will leave you with a desire for more.

A Fantastic Flavor

Mad Hatter Juice offers a new and improved flavor from the previous version of I Love Cookies. As you vape, you get the taste of fresh cookies straight out of the oven.The flavor is that of a biscuit dipped in cold milk and hints of strawberries with drizzles of caramel. The flavors are well balanced. You will get sugar lips as you vape. The flavor lingers  on the lips and tongue. If you like cookies-flavored e-juices, I Love Cookies by Mad Hatter Juice can be your all-day vape.

VG/PG Ratio

Mad Hatter Juice’s I Love Cookies has 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30% propylene glycol (PG) ratio. There is excellent cloud production. The clouds are dense and linger in the air for a while. This e-juice has medium thickness level. It’s quite easy on the cotton and coil. For the best vaping experience, use a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA).

Nicotine Strength

I Love Cookies by Mad Hatter Juice is available in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12 mg. Mad Hatter Juice caters to all types of vapers, those who want to relish the fantastic flavors without throat hits, those who like mild throat hits, and those seeking a strong throat hit. The throat hits are smooth and gentle as you inhale and exhale, there is a soft sensation in the throat that is not overpowering. You will not feel any burning or charring sensation. There is no itching in the nose either as you exhale.


You can obtain I Love Cookies in a 30ml or a 60ml bottle. The bottle is made of clear glass and has a childproof safety cap with a dripper attached to it. The label is yellow and includes the logo, the product name, and a mandatory notification regarding products containing nicotine. I Love Cookies comes in a yellow cardboard oven-looking box that has the logo and product name. You will also find on various sides different types of information such as bottle capacity, and a few vaping facts. There’s also a mandatory notification found on all products containing nicotine.


Mad Hatter Juice makes premium quality products and provides it at a very affordable price. You will find bargain deals at There are fantastic opportunities for products on sale, sometimes 30% to 50% off. If you’re a loyal customer, there are vouchers and coupons available that you can obtain and redeem on your next purchase.


Mad Hatter Juice manufactures its e-juces using only natural ingredients, the latest technology and brewing methods. All its products are premium-quality and a favorite among vapers. The company specializes in dessert-flavored e-juices.

I Love Cookies by Mad Hatter is a delight whenever you feel like indulging the fantastic flavor of cookies. The pleasant aroma of freshly-baked cookies will entice you and make your mouth water. I Love Cookies e-liquid is currently one of the best cookie-flavored e-liquid on the market.

I Love Cookies is a sweet delight in the morning just after breakfast, at noon as a snack, or any moment you feel a craving. The delicious taste of freshly-baked cookies will make you desire more. It can easily be an all-day vape