From frosted to powdered, sprinkled to glazed, and everything in-between, you can’t deny that donuts are really one of the desserts everyone craves for. Since I am trimming some weight down and donuts remain to be an irresistible treat for me, glazed donuts have become my go-to. But here’s a fact, if a person added a donut a day to their regular diet, they are expected to gain about one extra pound every 10 days. That being said, I got myself a perfect alternative for my cravings. If you can’t eat it, why not vape it? Introducing the Glazed Donut blend by Cheap E-juice.

<blockquote>“Glazed Donut by Cheap eJuice is a donut flavored e-juice that is not only creamy and filled with custard but also tastes like it’s fresh from your local donut shop.”</blockquote>


<img src=”×199.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”199″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-553″/>The second you open the lid off the bottle, you will immediately notice the frosting scent of the doughnut. (You know, the one you can get from the top of a glazed donut.) You will also get the donut cake aroma with some hints of creaminess to it.

Meanwhile, just like the smell test, the first thing that hit my mouth on the taste test was the sweet frosting. (still similar to that of found on top of a glazed donut) Then the donut cake taste also goes with it and again with some creaminess.

I would say that the flavor intensity of this vape juice is moderate. On the inhale, you will immediately notice the donut cake. And then on exhale, the flavors kind of switch positions so I am getting the frosting first and then followed by the donut cake. Of note though, a creamy essence is present all throughout the duration of the exhale.

The frosting is really kind of sweet. But it is not overly sweet that leaves you with too much splendid taste of some sort. The sweetness is pretty natural unlike other e-juices I have tried that gives off some Splenda-type of artificial sweetness. The more I vape this, it is starting to eventually taste like my all-time favorite Krispy Kreme glaze donuts.

<strong>ALL-DAY VAPE</strong>

This is a perfect all-day vape. In fact, you can vape it all you want until maybe you are tired of the e-juice already. I have been digging on it for a one straight week, and I guess I’m not sick of it yet. This is really good!


This e-juice has a ratio of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. For a high VG juice like this, it rums pretty smooth on the throat. However, there is a little bit of tingling sensation in the nose, although this is not a major issue at all. Another thing I love about this e-juice is that it is friendly to your cotton and coil. Even after 24 hours of dripping, my coil and cotton look all good.


<img src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”140″ height=”300″ class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-552″/>The juice comes pre-steeped so you can vape on this immediately. Physical consistency of the juice is perfect, not too runny or sticky. The Glazed Donut blend comes in these chubby gorilla bottles with a child-proof safety cap. I like the straightforward labelling, displaying the brand name “Cheap Ejuice” vertically in front with the flavor name just below it. Meanwhile, you can find the warning signs and the nicotine strength of the bottle on the sides. Speaking of nicotine, this Glazed Donut e-juice is available in two different nicotine levels; 3 mg and 6 mg.


Price-wise, this is really worth it. I have tried other brands with a flavor and quality like this before but the price is like three times more expensive. And other ones within the same price range are pretty off to me or seem like all artificial. So basically, this is the best option you’ve got. You can purchase this flavor by visiting Cheap E-Juice’s Dessert Flavors collection and buy this for as low as $12.99 (120 mL bottle). Click to the link and pick up your own bottles today.

Overall, this e-juice is not bad at all. It is great for its price even. If I were to score the Glaze Donut by Cheap E-Juice, I will give this a 9 out of 10.