When Fumi Vapor released the Gang Mod in 2015, it created a buzz in the market. The mod was considered a novelty vaping device for many reasons. Not only did it have a brass knuckles design, but the mod also came with interchangeable battery covers. The were also some issues with the gang mod. For example, although it had a 510 spring-loaded connection, there was a little gap between the mod and any atty you fix on it. Fumi Vapor has since ceased production of the Gang Mod. After taking stock of all the complaints about the Gang mod as well as the legal changes that the device faced, Fumi Vapor decided to come up with the Gang Mod LJ4A.
As you expect, the Gang Mod LJ4A (Liberty & Justice for All) is an improvement on its predecessor. The mod does not come with a brass knuckles design. Instead, it looks a brass knuckle that has been sawed in half. The unique design is cool as it allows you get a good grip of the mod. You can get the Gang Mod LJ4A on Vape Fu for only $109.99. It costs as much as $125 in some other vape stores.
Although the design of the Gang Mod LJ4A is reminiscent of brass knuckles, this device is actually made of high-grade aluminum. It is very lightweight. You can get this mod in matte black and chrome. Both versions of the mod are equally attractive. The LJ4A could be one of the most stylish mods on the market right now. The dimensions of this device are 127mm by 79.8mm by 25.4mm. On top of the mod, you will find a stainless steel threaded spring-loaded 510 connector with a copper pin. You can fit most atomizers with a diameter of 22mm on this mod without any overhang. Some attys with a slightly bigger size could also fit on it.
The Gang Mod LJ4A runs on a single 18650 battery. The battery compartment is located on the side of the device. Just like the original Gang mod, the LJ4A comes with three interchangeable battery covers. The battery covers are engraved with artistic designs including street art and Samurai-inspired art. Changing the battery cover goes a long way to transform the appearance of the mod. At the base of this Fuji Vapor mod, you will find some ventilation holes to keep the battery from overheating. You can fire the mod from 7 watts up to 60 watts.
There is a stainless steel firing button on one side of the Gang Mod LJ4A Mod. It sits flush with the body of the device but protrudes just a little bit to make it easier to click. The firing button is quite responsive, and you will not struggle to find and press it. On the front of the LJ4A mod, you will find a medium screen which displays the settings of the mod. The LJ4A comes with numerous features like a puff counter, sleep mode, as well as a button lock function to prevent accidents. This mod runs on the Kamry chip. It does not support temperature control. This mod can fit any atomizer with a resistance range of 0.2 ohms to 0.9 ohms.
The Gang Mod LJ4A is for vapers who want their kits to stand out. It does not have the hi-tech features and power capacity of other mods, but what it does have is an eye-grabbing design. The mod is very ergonomic. It is easy to fit your hands with the four large groves whether your hands are big or small. You can use this mod on-the-go. This is the kind of mod to grab when you want to impress your buddies with your cool vape kit. It is almost like a collector’s item.
The Gang Mod LJ4A was designed by Fumi Vapor. Apart from mods, this US-based company also has a premium e-juice line.