Just recently, one of the top electronic cigarette companies managed to launch their own line of e-Liquids (aka e-juice) in a bid to provide an alternative to other brands while complimenting their own line of cigarette products. V2 Cigs has long been known to be one of the best companies in the industry by revolutionizing the way we use best e liquid.The famed “drip tip” method of refilling empty cartridges, an ingeniously simple idea, was popularized by V2 Cigs.

Admittedly, it makes perfect sense that an e-Cigarette giant that produces fantastic products would soon venture into making their own e-Liquids. When it was announced late last year that V2 Cigs would soon begin selling its Platinum line of e-Liquids, fans couldn’t stop pre-ordering. V2 Cigs enhanced and improved electronic cigarettes from the baseline KR808D-1 model and it seems like they’re at it again by creating their own line e-Liquids that have the potential to shake the e-Liquid market at is core.

Platinum line of e-Liquids doesn’t necessarily bring anything substantially new to the table but offers new flavors that many e-Liquid users have wanted from other manufacturers. Housed in a sleek silver container complete with a dropper-like look, the Platinum line is simply the precursor to V2 Cigs dominating e-Liquids. We say, precursor because the current flavor options are minimal with just only four (at the time of this writing) flavors. However, isn’t it a bit nice in its own way? To not have to sift through dozens of flavors that either very similar or put a horrible taste in your mouth?  The four main flavors currently are:

    v2 Red
    v2 Sahara
    v2 Menthol
    v2 Peppermint


Each e-Liquid bottle is priced competitively when compared to other e-Liquid brands and following V2 Cigs longstanding history of budget-friendly products we were glad that the Platinum line is affordable to all. For a 10ml bottle of e-Liquid, the cost is $9.95 which is in line with current market averages. Those craving more can opt to purchase a 25ml bottle for only $18.95. That amounts to $8.95 for an additional 15ml. So for the cost of $1, V2 Cigs will offer an additional 5ml, that’s a steal.

While some users will be turned off by the current selection, many claim that such flavors provide a rich, classic taste. Below, we review each flavor and determine if having such a small catalog of flavor options is a good thing or bad. Read on to find out we thought.

V2 Red

Being former traditional tobacco smokers ourselves we decided to first try the V2 Red flavored e-Liquid. We were curious to see how V2 Cigs would spin a timeless favorite among smokers the world over. After we tried it with one of V2 e-Cigarettes we couldn’t help but notice how genuine the taste was to a traditional full-flavored cigarette. The aroma, throat hit, and taste were very reminiscent of smoking a cigarette such as Marlboro Red.

V2 Menthol

Typically one of our least favorite flavors, we decided to try out their menthol flavor. Despite it all, the flavor itself wasn’t half bad. For menthol lovers out there consider picking up this e-Liquid. The cool, crisp menthol flavor hit our throats and provided us with a nice vapor draw that was fairly impressive. While it’s not quite as good as say smoking a conventional cigarette (for instance, Newport cigarettes), we thought V2 did a commendable job of creating a nice tobacco-free substitute.

V2 Sahara

Sahara, to us, seemed to be more of an experimental blend V2 Cigs was trying to peddle to its customers. We tried Sahara and we couldn’t really detect any difference between using it or Red. The flavor was certainly bold and had a deep throat hit but was just slightly lighter than Red.

V2 Peppermint

Peppermint is a brand that many existing e-Liquid tries to emulate. We’ve tried many, many mint-flavored e-Liquids and to be frank, we were impressed with what we tried. Arguably, this is the best flavor in V2 Cigs Platinum line. We loved puffing on the e-Cigarette only to be rewarded with a minty cloud of vapor. Each drag was as refreshingly sweet as the last.

Nicotine Strengths and Closing Thoughts

While we can’t say that we’re too impressed with V2 Cigs current line of e-Liquids if only for the fact that they’re very limiting in nicotine strengths. The only strengths offered are 6 and 12mg options for the average smoker. We can’t say that we’re pleased with these options as it completely alienates two groups of smokers. The ones who are trying to quit smoking altogether who transition to e-Cigarettes and manage to lower their nicotine intake to 0mg will be left out in the cold. Similarly, hardcore smokers who want greater nicotine strengths won’t find 18mg or even 24mg options here. V2 Cigs moderate approach to nicotine strength may be negative if the company doesn’t offer more strength.

V2 Cigs should be commended for offering a new line of best vape juice with their Platinum brand. However, we’d like to see little more options with their flavors as well as nicotine strengths.  If the company could rectify these two problems with their line, it would be on par with their fantastic e-Cigarettes. That being said, for smokers who are well within the range of nicotine strengths and flavors should definitely give them a try. The inexpensive flavors are a welcome change of pace from expensive alternatives.