Strength: 36 mg
Size: 10 ml (20 ml, 30 ml, quantity discounts available)

Intellicig ECOpure Krystal is the review that I’ll be doing from Intellicigs ECOpure line for the near future, and to date, my experiences with the product line have been quite active.

I loved ECOpure Rich, and ECOpure Menthol had a sweet flavor that was marred only by a lack of sufficient menthol for my taste. Looking at the Intellicig product line, ECOpure Krystal was an item I found rather confusing. What exactly is the clean tasting sensation the website describes? Is this an e-liquid or a flat base?

Upon further research, I discovered that ECOpure Krystal is the latter; you’re supposed to buy it along with a bottle of ECOpure ECOmix which is essentially just a bottle of pharmacy-grade vegetable glycerin and dilute ECOpure Krystal until you get the nicotine concentration you want.

Now, this is an idea that doesn’t make much sense to me unless you’re going to make your e-liquids. After all, why would anyone buy an e-liquid and dilute it when they could just purchase the e-liquid they want, in the strength they want?

It makes much more sense to me to think of ECOpure Krystal as a base liquid for people who want to make DIY e-liquids, and when the thought of that way, it makes a great deal more sense.

In fact, one company Virgin Vapor is already using ECOpure Krystal as a base for some of its e-liquids as many people find the purity of the ECOpure nicotine extraction highly desirable.

To write this ECOpure Krystal review, I decided to purchase a bottle of Volcano Menthol Burst an e-liquid I frequently use without nicotine, use ECOpure Krystal to bring it up to my desired strength and test it against a standard bottle of Menthol Burst to see if I could detect any difference in taste and performance.

As it turns out, ECOpure Krystal does seem to contribute a little flavor of its own. It’s the same clean, slightly smoky flavor that I detected in ECOpure Rich. I enjoyed the taste very much when I reviewed that product but added to Menthol Burst it detracts a bit from the neutral coolness I like so much in Volcanos product.

As a flat base for DIY e-liquids, ECOpure Krystal is a product worth considering. ECOpure Krystal has the benefit of Intellicigs famous nicotine extraction, which is over 99 percent pure. It also uses only vegetable glycerin as a base and contains no propylene glycol.

That being said, it’s rather pricey compared to some other base liquids. It’s $24.99 for a 30 ml bottle, compared to Halo Fusion, which costs just $17.50 and is one of the best-performing e-liquid bases on the market.

If I created my DIY e-liquids, I’d certainly give ECOpure Krystal a try, but I think that Halo Fusion would be my mainstay; I prefer an e-liquid with a bit of propylene glycol because the flavors in a PG/VG mix tend to be better defined. I also think that Halo Fusion offers slightly better wicking performance and vapor production.