Ares Black Clove – Vapenstein

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Strength: 11 mg

Size: 10 ml

Price: $7.99 (30 ml available for $20, 120 ml for $71)

Options: 70/30 PG/VG blend

Company: Ares  Flavor: Spice

Since the United States banned the sale of clove cigarettes in 2009, a lot of fans of kreteks as they are called in Indonesia have been longing for their Djarums. Sure, you can buy clove cigars now that somehow manage to skirt the new regulations, but they dont taste the same. I have tried a clove-flavored electronic cigarette liquid in the past, and found that although it had a nice flavor, it couldnt quite replicate the true clove cigarette experience because it doesnt create the same feeling in the mouth and throat.

You may know that the feeling clove cigarettes create is caused by eugenol, a chemical that occurs naturally in cloves and other herbs and spices. Eugenol has a slight numbing effect in the mouth and throat, making the experience of smoking a clove cigarette completely different from that of a regular cigarette. Because clove-flavored e-liquids use artificial clove flavoring, you dont get the eugenol, and thus it doesnt feel like a clove cigarette even if it tastes similar.

Ares Black Clove e-liquid attempts to change that by adding eugenol to a liquid containing clove and tobacco flavors. The goal is to create a product with a taste similar to that of Djarum Black, a popular brand of clove cigarette.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the bottle is that Ares Black Clove smells really nice. Although Im fairly certain that the clove flavor is artificial, this e-liquid has a very realistic and convincing clove cigarette scent but it gets even better when you taste it. When I tried the e-liquid, it was so realistic that I could almost hear the crackling of the cloves, and immediately I felt that pleasant sensation on the tongue that I loved back when I used to purchase clove cigarettes occasionally.

In addition to the very nice clove flavor, Ares Black Clove has a hint of tobacco. The tobacco flavor adds a bit of smoky depth to the e-liquid, but the clove flavor is the more prominent of the two notes. The e-liquid produces plenty of vapor thanks to the 70/30 mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Because it contains eugenol, it should provide a very satisfying experience for e-cig users even at low nicotine levels and it is only slightly sweet, making it perfect as an all-day vape.

If you have ever enjoyed a clove cigarette and would like to have the same experience with an e-cig, I strongly recommend picking up a bottle of Ares Black Clove e-liquid.

Bottom Line

Ares Black Clove has a secret ingredient that fans of clove cigarettes are going to love.

The Good

Eugenol duplicates the feeling of a real clove cigarette; simply the best clove e-liquid available

The Bad

Throat hit might be a little low for the nicotine level