One particular thing that people do not know about Nakhla Shisha & Hookah Tobacco is that they are one of the oldest Shisha tobacco manufacturers. Their flavors appeal to both the veterans and the newbie’s who have a strong nicotine buzz or a rounded nicotine taste. It is one of the highly recommended brands.

Double Apple-

Nakhla Double Apple Shisha Tobacco has the essence of the two apple. It is primarily sweeter and a little lighter than other brands. It is one of the most traditional flavors to smoke, and you can expect a blend of double apple with anise flavors. Now, this is interesting, correct? It is very inexpensive and holds a lot of flavors. It has the generous apple and the fair amount of anise that smokes well.


If you are a fan of the strong variety of cherry hookah tobacco, and then this flavor is for you. It is one of the best cherry flavors offered by any other brands. In my opinion, it tastes like how an authentic cherry should taste with no hints of cough syrup and no candy like flavor either. The classic sweet cherry taste will not disappoint you!


Strawberry Nakhla Shisha Tobacco blends candy and natural elements with the natural strawberry being dominant in the aroma. This hookah tobacco flavor can be best described as mild or mellow without overpowering fruit sweetness. The smell reminds of fresh cut strawberries and the taste is the best part and it is one of perfect strawberry flavors in the market currently. The smoke, on the other hand, is very smooth yet thick and robust. The initial buzz is strong that fades gently yet effectively.

Mizo Blueberry-

This is a classic, and its clouds are bigger than the Alps. I love realistic flavors, and so do Nakhla, their flavors are the most natural and authentic without any scents of artificial flavoring and their Mizo Blueberry is another hero. You can expect a high amount of smoke with minimal effort. The flavor, taste, and aroma are bang on! The blueberry is delicious, very sweet and light. The natural juicy blueberry flavor delivers great aroma, big thunderclouds, and delicious mellow taste. Who wants to miss the berry-luscious action?

Peach –

Nakhla Peach Tobacco is a very light peach flavor. You can expect a delicate sweet aroma and beautiful, pleasant flavor for this hookah tobacco. It is a sheer delight as it was opposite to those mega sweet peach flavors.

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