Strength: 11 mg
Size: 10 ml

I have been looking for a replacement recently for Volcanos menthol electronic cigarette liquid. The first Volcano Menthol electronic cigarette liquid was my favorite low-cost liquid. I greatly enjoyed its strong menthol rush and the fact that the background flavor note was more mint than tobacco.

However, Volcano has recently switched to a new supplier who is making new formulations for them from scratch. The new menthol formulation is more tobacco than mint, and very low on the menthol.

I tried a bottle and found it rather unpleasant. Although Volcano still has some stock of the old menthol electronic cigarette liquid remaining, they have stated that when it is sold out, they will be selling only liquids from the new supplier.

So, in my latest order from e-Liquid Planet, I ordered both Menthol and Mint to see if I might like either one as much as my old low-cost standby. The first thing I noticed was that I could not taste any difference between the two liquids.

Maybe, just perhaps, the mint liquid feels a little milder. Frankly, though, that could just be me trying to find a difference because I don’t see why the two formulations would be the same. Based on my experience, I would say that if you like one of these liquids and find that eLiquid Planet is sold out, you can only try the other.

So, how do they taste? Comparing e-Liquid Planet menthol vs. Volcano Menthol directly, I find that I still prefer Volcanos electronic cigarette liquid for an inexpensive PG-only fluid. However, the difference is very slight.

I think that the e-Liquid Planet menthol can work as a replacement for Volcanos original menthol liquid. Both the mint and menthol juices are very high on the menthol and very minty in flavor. The taste isn’t complex just a nice fresh rush of menthol and mint to satisfy my nicotine cravings. I will most likely buy them both again.

Note: You can also get vegetable glycerin-based Menthol and Mint electronic cigarette liquid from e-Liquid Planet if you have a sensitivity to propylene glycol.

I have now finished both bottles and decided that the Mint flavor is indeed slightly milder than the tobacco flavor, both in taste and of menthol. I have a slight preference for e-Liquid Planets Menthol electronic cigarette liquid.

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