Strength: 18 mg
Size: 30 ml
Price: $19.99 (7 ml also available for $5.99)

Ive been trying this e-liquid on and off for the past several days, and I just cant seem to get used to it. Halo advertises Tiki Juice as having Tahitian Tobacco flavor Im not really sure what that is along with spice, tropical flavors and menthol. I hesitate to call this a menthol e-liquid at all; there is so little menthol that it is practically undetectable. Bear that in mind if you are a big fan of menthol.

Some of the tastes that I think I detect in Tiki Juice are cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, pineapple, cherry and maybe a bit of coconut and banana. Overall, although one would think that fruit and spice would make a tasty combination, it just doesnt do anything for me. In fact, I really dont think that Tiki Juice is a very good tasting e-liquid at all. Although I have no way of knowing for sure what flavors Halo put into this e-liquid, it tastes like a lot of different flavors and essences went into it. Halo test markets their new products, which means that enough people liked it to warrant putting it into production. For me, though, I would have probably suggested dialing down the complexity a bit and using just a few flavors that really worked great together to create a tropical taste.
For being such a high-nicotine liquid I hadnt tried any 18 mg liquids before my latest purchase from Halo I find that Tiki Juice really doesnt have much of a throat hit at all. I was really surprised by that. I can definitely feel the nicotine, though, so I know its in there. Also, the liquid isnt quite as big on vapor production as the other Halo e-liquids that I have tried.

Strange as it may seem tiki juice is my favorite halo juice thus far. Im not a big fan of tobacco-flavored juices, having switched from analogs to get away from everything tobacco about conventional methods of consuming nicotine, especially the wonderful ashtray cologne you get wear. As a result of this I havent tried all of halos juices avoiding the likes of torque 56 and bella valente.

I like halos truepure menthol, and their menthol ice. Truepure is probably the simplest flavor Ive had that I enjoy, in all its mono-dimensionality. Menthol ice has an added sweetness that is more entertaining while both tiki juice and malibu menthol provide me with what feels like a symphony of flavor.

Somehow I didnt notice the lesser throat hit of tiki juice until after reading this review, which is ironic because a part of what I like about tiki juice is the uncanny smoothness it has. Its definitely cinnamon on the outside with something rounded and whole underneath reminiscent of dare i say plums? figs? Sometimes it tastes like dr pepper/mr pibb with the cinnamon emulating the carbonation aspect. Pepper/pibb just happens to be my favorite soda drink, so perhaps that plays a role in my tiki juice addiction.

One thing that you must know about Tiki Juice is that it stays on the atomizer forever. After testing this e-liquid and returning to my regular flavor, it wasnt until the next day that I couldnt taste the Tiki Juice anymore. If you decide to pick a bottle of this e-liquid up, its a good idea to avoid trying it on your favorite atomizer (Im not the only one with a favorite, right?) until you are sure that you like it.

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