DKS Marshall E-Liquid

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Strength: 0 mg (Halo Fusion flavorless e-liquid, 36 mg, used during review process)
Size: 10 ml (30 ml also available for €18,90)

I learned about DKS E-Liquid through a recent press release and my interest was immediately piqued. DKS E-Liquid is a subsidiary of DKS Aromatic an Italian company with more than 40 years of experience in the food flavoring industry and thus boasts a pedigree most other e-liquid companies cant match. In addition, the company apparently has its own method of extracting propylene glycol from 100 percent non-GMO corn. In fact, DKS E-Liquid claims to use no artificial ingredients in its e-liquids whatsoever.

As if all of this wasnt interesting enough, DKS E-Liquid is also the first e-liquid company Ive seen to date that specializes exclusively in zero-nicotine e-liquids. Not only should this free DKS from the majority of the e-cigarette regulations that are likely to start popping up around the world in the near future, but it could also make DKS the go-to e-liquid company for e-smokers working toward eliminating their nicotine consumption.
To date, every zero-nicotine e-liquid Ive tried has tasted rather empty, lacking in any kind of throat hit or flavor intensity.

I asked DKS if it would be possible for them to provide some review samples, figuring that if any company could create a zero-nicotine e-liquid that I could truly recommend, it would be a company with 40 years of experience in creating flavors. Within a few days, I had a review package from DKS that was truly astounding in size. DKS E-Liquid Review Package Although DKS E-Liquid doesnt currently have a presence in the United States, my understanding is that they will soon. However, one lucky US-based reader will soon have an opportunity to get a preview of DKS; my DKS e-liquid review package includes two of nearly every flavor the company makes, and I will soon be giving every duplicate bottle away. Subscribe to eDripping on Feedburner so you wont miss the contest announcement!

Todays topic is DKS Marshall, an e-liquid thats intended to resemble Kentucky tobacco. When I tasted it, I was surprised and impressed because the first flavor note I identified was one that Ive never tasted in an e-liquid before: burning leaves. The EPA strongly recommends against burning leaves these days because of the various nasties that get released into the air such as hydrocarbons, particulate matter and carbon monoxide. When I was a child, though, the smell of burning leaves was a quintessential smell of autumn. DKS Marshall immediately endeared itself to me when I detected that aroma.

I could also taste quite a bit of sweetness as well as something that I thought might be an extract of bourbon, along with a very faint note resembling grape tannin.
Its been said that a couple drops of alcohol can enhance the throat hit of an e-liquid. This might explain why DKS

Marshall actually has a very slight effect on the throat even without nicotine. It has more of a scratchy character than the throat hit youd get from an e-liquid with nicotine and its very mild but its enough to remind you that youre actually inhaling something.

DKS advertises its e-liquids as having 200% flavor for a reason; it means that you can add your own nicotine base without fear that youll no longer be able to taste the flavor of the e-liquid you started with. I tested this by mixing DKS Marshall half-and-half with Halo Fusion for a total nicotine strength of 18 mg. When I did this, the sweetness of the e-liquid was significantly reduced and I could no longer detect the aroma of burning leaves. In the presence of nicotine, the burning leaves aroma was replaced by a taste that more closely resembled tobacco smoke.

Among tobacco e-liquids, DKS Marshall is quite unique. Although Ive had richer, fuller-flavored tobacco e-liquids, I definitely havent had a better e-liquid with no nicotine. This is definitely one to try if youre looking for a tobacco taste thats a bit off the beaten path.