Strength: 16 mg
Size: 15 ml
It has been quite a while since the last time I reviewed an e-cig liquid from eLiquid Planet, and although I have tried all of their menthol e-liquids, I had yet to try any of their tobacco e-liquids until picking up a bottle of Essence Tobacco last week. I am sorry that I waited so long because this e-liquid is fast becoming one of my favorites.

Opening the bottle of Essence Tobacco reveals a smell that is at once familiar and foreign. It is sweet, savory and quite pleasurable a sign of good things to come. Like the vapor itself, you can’t exactly say that it smells like tobacco smoke, but then again, you can’t exactly say that it doesn’t, either.

Across the entire Essence line, eLiquid Planet consistently creates liquids with warmth, soft mouth feel and plenty of vapor. It ‘s hard to describe what heat tastes like, but it becomes immediately evident when you try an Essence e-liquid after trying the e-liquids from any of the other companies that I am familiar.

Essence Tobacco, in particular, makes me want to curl up by the fireplace with a book and a nice adult beverage.

Essence Tobacco has a flavor that is complex but never overly so unlike so many other tobacco e-liquids, no one flavor sticks out to the point where you can identify it like the oh, that’s caramel feeling one gets with the many RY4 imitators on the market. In this e-liquid, I taste robust and nutty flavor notes that are reminiscent of tobacco.

There is a hint of sweetness that just tickles the tip of your tongue and then fades into the background as you take in a mouthful of vapor. Exhale, and you’re greeted with a dry finish, and plenty of throats hit. The overall experience sometimes resembles the more complex flavor that you would get from pipe tobacco than it does the one-note experience of a cigarette.

E-Liquid Planet has created a real winner with Essence Tobacco. Comparing it to another tobacco e-liquid that I have rated Halo Freedom Juice highly,   I find Freedom Juice to be a little drier, spicier and sharper while Essence Tobacco is fuller, warmer and slightly sweeter. Both deserve places in your e-liquid collection. If you have ever tried and enjoyed pipe tobacco, try Essence Tobacco first.

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