Size: 5 ml (larger sizes up to 240 ml also available)

Options: 70%/30% PG/VG, Normal flavor strength

Serenity Surprise is the second e-liquid that Ill be reviewing out of a generous package recently provided by custom e-liquid maker deejStuff.

The first e-liquid that I reviewed from the package was deejStuff Strawberry Cheesecake, and I loved it so much that I gave it a perfect score something I don’t frequently do. I am convinced that just about any electronic cigarette user would love it. Serenity Surprise, I’m not so sure about.

The listing for Serenity Surprise on the deejStuff website is in the Indescribable section and describes the e-liquid as being sweet on the inhale and tangy on the exhale.

Upon tasting the e-liquid, my impression was slightly different I think it tastes like the candy, Smarties. Smarties do have a bit of a tangy flavor thanks to the addition of citric acid, but Serenity Surprise most likely lacks that addition I suppose, because inhaling citric acid wouldn’t be safe. I dont get that tingle on the tongue at all.

The sweetness and overall flavor are there if you like Smarties aside from the lack of tang, this e-liquid tastes remarkably similar to the famous candy.

Unfortunately, I’m not particularly fond of Smarties. However, Serenity Surprise has quite a bit of throat hit for such a sweet e-liquid it crept up on me a bit as I was testing the e-liquid. Suddenly, I realized that my lungs were starting to ache a little. So, for anyone craving a sweet e-liquid with the punch, this is one to consider. Otherwise, although Serenity Surprise is interesting, it isn’t a big winner for me.

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