Strength: 12 mg

Options: 67/33 propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin

The idea of combining fruit and other flavors with menthol might strike you as obvious. Mister-e-liquid is the only company I’ve seen to date that has created an entire line around such flavors.

Lemon Ice was one of the flavors included in my recent batch of Mister-E-Liquid reviews, and I thought it was quite successful; after steeping, I thought the e-liquid had plenty of lemon flavor and a real blast of menthol while avoiding the furniture polish note that some naturally flavored citrus e-liquids can have. I received a sample bottle of Mister-E-Liquids new Green Pear Ice flavor in a recent order, and after allowing it a bit of time to steep, it’s time to give it a try.

It’s hard to say whether Green Pear Ice uses natural pear flavoring. I can identify the flavor as green pear, and it tastes a bit less sugary than Volcanos Paradise e-liquid. However, it lacks the tart notes that I’d from real fruit.

I also find the menthol to be a little more subdued in Green Pear Ice than in Lemon Ice. While the latter delivered a healthy, refreshing menthol blast with each puff, Green Pear Ice puts the pear flavor front and center.

Mister-E-Liquids Green Pear Ice isn’t quite the big winner than Lemon Ice was. It certainly hits some of the right notes, but between the lack of tartness and subdued application of menthol, it isn’t all it could have been.

Also, although the vapor production of Green Pear Ice is excellent, I find the throat hit to be a little lacking for a 12 mg e-liquid, even when the addition of menthol which reduces throat hit is taken into consideration. There’s plenty of like about Green Pear Ice, but not a lot to love.

Grab it!