Strength: 18 mg
Size: 30 ml
I have to hand it to Halo. I have now tried the majority of the e-liquids in their lineup, and Halo has some of the most creative takes on menthol and tobacco flavors that I have tried to date.

However, Im not so sure that Bella Valente is the one for me. Bella Valente is a tobacco e-liquid, intended to taste like a Cuban cigar with a hint of vanilla. Sadly, though, Im afraid that it doesnt taste like any cigar Ive ever had, and I cant taste the vanilla.

Cigar lovers sometimes talk about the barnyard aroma that a good cigar often has before it is smoked. The vapor produced by Halo Bella Valente is definitely reminiscent of that smell, so in that sense, the e-liquid does slightly resemble a cigar. However, that scent is not exactly what I want to smell in the air when I exhale. In fact, I find it a bit unpleasant. So, for me, Im afraid that Bella Valente is a bit of a loser in the flavor and aroma departments. I have struggled for the last couple of days to figure out what I was going to say about the taste of this e-liquid, and Im afraid that the only taste descriptor that I can come up with is barnyard.
The other thing about Bella Valente is that, although it produces plenty of vapor like Halos other e-liquids, it is very low on throat hit especially for an 18 mg e-liquid.

I would expect something with a cigar flavor particularly Cuban cigar to be fairly powerful, but this e-liquid is actually quite mild. Overall, I cant recommend this one.

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