Since she specifically had an iPhone, she went first to the maker Apple.It no secret that the stores are always busy with people looking for help from the “Geniuses.” But guess what? Unless you make an appointment in advance to speak with one, there a good chance you be standing around for a long period of time looking for help.When you do bring in an iPhone for repairs, Apple says you likely get it back on the same day, but the prices, well, you be the judge.Apple charges $149 to replace a cracked iPhone 4 screen, $199 for a 4S and a whopping $269 to replace the iPhone 5 screen.Allie Drysten took her phone to an Apple store and paid $200 for a replacement screen.”If I told you there are cheaper options, would you be interested?” Zieller asked.”Of course!” Drysten said. “We in a recession.”So Zieller shopped around and found some cheaper options than going to the Apple store.Sounds good, right?In the small box that arrived at WFSB were all the parts needed to replace the screen.Or so Zieller thought.She said she didn even start the repair process and ran into a huge problem. The kit didn come with any directions to actually fix the phone.So her next step was to head to YouTube to find a tutorial on how to fix a broken iPhone screen.Zieller started the timer to see how long the process would take, and following the YouTube video, she started by unscrewing two very small screws on the bottom of the iPhone.Just a few minutes in, and she ran into another problem.”This one won unscrew,” she said.With the help of her colleague, Peter, the screws come undone.

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